Trigger of Mental Anticipation

Previously, I started a series of articles to talk about CopyWriting. Today, I will show you how to work the Trigger of Mental Anticipation.

Visualize the scene: are 21h48 and you are watching the penultimate chapter of the novel. When will happen the scene more expected, plays the music of the opening, and emerge the characters, indicating the end of the chapter.

You get angry, anxious, desperate to know what happens.

Runs connect to friends noveleiros to discuss the scenes and try to imagine what will happen… This is family?

I would imagine that the answer is yes, because surely you’ve passed or seen someone else go through it.

But I knew that this “cut” in the scene the most important of the day is purposeful?

I’m not here to talk about how we were when the scene ends in the best part of the novel, but precisely about the strategy used in the cinematic art: the trigger of mental anticipation.

Trigger Mental Anticipation

The trigger of anticipation is very powerful, an expert at messing with our expectations about what may happen in the future.

When we talk about business, this trigger must be very well orchestrated.

When you announces/releases a product, it is important to prepare the ground, to show a favorable scenario to his prospectus, for he believes that good things are coming your way.

When you announce a product, we should make clear all their peculiarities, which have good to offer, in that it can help your potential client.

You need to touch the “pain” of it and show that you have the solution to it.

So that, if done in the correct way, even those who do not need to end up being interested in your product.

Once your prospectus has expectation high about your product, the chances of conversion are very large.

How to Use the Trigger of Mental Anticipation

You can use the trigger of the anticipation of various ways, for example, posts in social networks with very little information, or giving some tips about your product, do hangouts, interviews with authorities in the area, post an article or video, such as a trailer, telling a bit of their story and about what is to come.

If you notice, this job works such as sowing the land, that is, you are throwing seeds (tips) to flourish at a later stage (product launch).

Thus, you will have a legion of people eager to get their product, better yet, if there is already a demand for it in the market.

In short, the trigger mental anticipation is a powerful weapon to work in your business. Remember, you need to do this in an ethical way.